Thursday, March 12, 2015

My four-legged "son" - "ROKKOR" - Seventh -7-VIIth

Wishing tou all a
very good day my Dear Elders, Friends and Colleagues.

I am truly happy to introduce my four-legged son- "Rokkor the Seventh- VIIth", born on 16 January 2015.

With "Him" around, am sure, things will be better in many ways, both personal as well as my professional life.

We've had "Rokkor" and in the span of two decades, we've lost six of them. Out of the six, only one passed away due to illness, the rest - five of them ended up unfortunately in the empty stomachs of a few rowdy hunger/fun-stricken two legged human -(am sure- we all are known to each other - for our area, Nagamapal in Imphal, being a small community/locality once- I knew, we knew- who is who and esp those- because using mathematical calculation- he could be this and he could be that- then it all comes to down to that-those *&%^&*$ !!!

Hope they too know that - "every action has got an equal and opposite reaction". For me I do NOT go for REVENGE for ANY matter- for it's the Creature who decides. Ever since I began to know the word "grudges" and likewise "revenge"- call me a coward- I know mind- but that does not mean I do not respect your views and opinions- it's just that - I hate to see bloods or leads- which nowadays are plentiful and lots around- even calling them as "smart" for minimum collateral damage- WOW - living in the 21 century is fun. Fun to see their "smart" manipulation as well !!!

With the coming of the current "Rokkor" the VIIth, am sure, the LOTUS in our heart, which were so long hidden underneath the muddy-dirty pond-surroundings will surely retain it's glow and lit up any person/s - fortunately -  me and my Dad :-)
With these humble expectation, and preparing for the worst, please allow me to bid "Sayonara" for today. Wishing you all a healthy and happy life for you, your near and dear ones for eternity.

So long- Until then...