Saturday, January 10, 2015

PAST PERFECT - PRESENT IMPERFECT- Launching Satellites in SPACE seems much more easier than to build Railway lines here on planet Earth !!!

==[ The Third-Eye : By Kishalaya Namaram ]==

More than 60 (sixty) years and still NOT A SINGLE RAILWAYs in the state of Manipur, in North East India, bordering Myanmar, former Burma.

People here can ONLY fly with the 12 (twelve) Airlines- to and fro from the state, via GAU, via CCU - Calcutta - thats development par excellence !!!

- With Love from the Land of Queues, Bombs and Bandhs- Without malice to one and all or any, meaning including MYSELF - thats how people here are left occupied NOT TO REBEL or PROTEST - we all are BUSY (EMPLOYED-Works to do) standing in the Queues for our fuel, petrol, gas cylinders, from morn till night and the whole day time- working hours - are forcibly engaged to stand in Qs and forget to seek our ESSENTIAL NEEDS as a HUMAN.

History has it - The Russian were made to stand in Qs for their bread, then stand another Q for their milk, after that - stand another Q for another essential needs to survive - forcibly occupying any person- engaging them in standing Qs and forget to adress their rightful woes and to protest legally.
This to me is replication - r
epeating the story - or HISTORY to be precise- here- closer to home !!!

This is INSANE at its WORST- As if we're born to stand in Qs and forget our essential needs to be provided by the elected government whilst keeping the population UNDER CONTROL !!!

Incredible India, much more incredible - now it's Manipur - we've become ROBOTs, including myself !!!

P.S. We've FORGOTTEN - WE're once a princely independent kingdom - a self contained COUNTRY, like all COUNTRies in the world.

Whatever the situation we are into right now-if am not wrong is the outcome of the aftermath of Second world war- The Allied Forces- mainly and led by the British soldiers- comprising mainly of all caste, creed, age from this part of the planet - surprising including citizens of Africa- the dark skinned as witnessed/proved from the Imphal War cemetry- the Gurkhas and many many more led by a handful of actual BRITISH - white leaders- personally I admire their management skills, talents to gather all and make them guard or attack from the frontline. And many more which most of you know it already !!!
Our states in the north east of India after independence produced and secured the best position in many fields esp., sports with its FINEST players, brought back incredible prizes-position internationally besides nationally as an Indian after the annexation.

Well, what we as citizens of a democratic country seek our rightful positions-pleas - in all legitimate areas hopefully. 

A decent life/lives- with essential food, clothing and shelter. And we all want to be healthy and happy, like in the rest of the world or AT LEAST as a living HUMAN BEING !!!
- Correct me please if I am WRONG ???!!!
Until then....